An Exciting Shift: When 20% Became 80%

An Exciting Shift: When 20% Became 80%

I want to share with you an exciting shift in my work… and invite you to be a part of it.


Forward Movement has always been founded on the aim of empowering individuals. I believe that empowered people are happier people, and happier people make better decisions. By empowering individuals one by one, I have been able to help create a more rational society, organically.


I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients solve painful health problems, learn skills, gain insights and build excellent lives. I know I have made a difference to this world, and I am proud to have created an ethically-based, successful business doing it.


In recent years, successfully solving health problems had become 80% of my services, while delivering empowering coaching only 20%. This has been good, as solving health problems is a key part of empowering individuals. However, with most of my time occupied in one-to-one appointments, there hasn’t been enough time for writing, speaking and coaching – powerful aspects of my purpose. Although I was achieving my key goals with the physical health side of Forward Movement, I was yearning to have an even bigger impact coaching. Recently, I discovered how…


In order to build Forward Movement as a successful business creating empowerment in communities, I had to overcome many personal obstacles. I had to turn upside down limiting beliefs about money, internalised struggles about my value, an aversion to sales, and the common social conception that business is ultimately an exercise in greed. I became a model of an ethical entrepreneur succeeding to make a difference through business.


I have seen other ethical entrepreneurs not succeed in their business and personal goals because navigating through these limiting beliefs is really difficult. Furthermore, most entrepreneurs don’t understand the system of how you make sales a positive way of building communities rather than a limited way of achieving a transaction.


I realised that by mobilising my Business and Coaching expertise to empower ethical entrepreneurs to build amazing businesses and spectacular lives through a clearly defined system, I could contribute to creating a better world faster… and at a larger scale.


This is why in 2015, I have changed everything to make Empowered Business Coaching 80% of my service. I am delighted to have teamed up as a Coach Trainer with the Referral Institute® – the world’s leader in the science of referral marketing and compassionate business coaching. Of the many marketing and business experts I have worked with over the years, the Referral Institute® stands out as the world’s leader as a human-centred and relationships-based marketing consultant group. I am so proud to be able to deliver their services to ethically-based entrepreneurs.


I am inviting you to be a part of this.


Tell me what you think of this new focus, or share your own vision for a better society in a comment below.


Want to help? There are lots of ways you can:

  • Share this link with someone you know in business who cares about community and relationships.
  • Sign-up for my newsletter and follow me on Facebook.
  • Introduce me to an ethically-based business you know.
  • Contact me for a complimentary Business Coaching session for a business you care about.


I would love you to be able to help in creating this big vision for a better world.



  1. I am delighted to have come across your website through Wexford Women in Business. I am in the process of starting my own business, using eco-friendly textiles to create my own collection of clothing and soft furnishing. I also have lots of ideas moving forward and goals I would like to achieve. I I see the potential of creating a group that all share the same kind of visions. I would love to share some of my ideas and hopefully avail of your coaching for business.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,

    • Shalini Sinha says:

      Thanks so much Alice for getting in touch. This is wonderful news about your new business. I would be delighted to help. A key goal of mine is to bring together this like-minded business community. I really look forward to connecting and talking about these ideas. I’ll email you personally.

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