Bowen Technique

Gentle, Effective Physical Therapy

The Bowen Technique uses small, gentle, precise, rolling moves on the body’s fascia tissue to access the autonomic nervous system and stimulate the body to naturally re-align and repair itself. The practitioner uses his/her in-depth knowledge of Bowen and the body to decide what is the least amount of input required for the body to come out of trauma and begin its processes of repair.

Your practitioner, Shalini Sinha, is one of Ireland’s most experienced and qualified Bowen Practitioners. She first learned the Bowen Technique in 2004, having come to it after her own increasingly disabling injury was effectively and quickly treated by Bowen. (In her case, neither consultants nor surgeons were unable to improve her situation.) Her quest for knowledge led her to complete numerous on-going professional training courses, qualifying to Special Procedures 1 (formerly Advanced) and Special Procedures 2 (formerly Masters) levels.

Her commitment to building awareness and expertise for Bowen in Ireland led her to apply and be selected for the instructor training programme (candidates must receive two senior recommendations and are selected based on skill and experience with Bowen, and personal ability to teach). After a long instructor training process, she qualified as Ireland’s first accredited Bowen Instructor and is currently teaching practitioners. Shalini’s commitment to the Bowen community in Ireland led her to mobilise practitioners towards founding Ireland’s own regulating body for the Bowen Technique (Bowtech), The Bowen Association of Ireland (BAI), which is part of an international network of regulating bodies and affiliated directly with Australia. Shalini is currently the Chairperson of BAI.


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