Life in Control

Buteyko Breathing is a simple but profound method to recover from a variety of serious illnesses by learning to re-set normal breathing patterns. Although many people feel constricted and suffocated as though they can’t get enough air in, Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered that such symptoms were actually the result of habitually breathing in too large a volume of air. He devised exercises to reduce breathing volume, boost the immune system, increase oxygenation to the body and brain, and thus effectively eliminate serious and chronic illnesses.


Your Practitioner, Shalini Sinha first heard about the Buteyko Method while she was working as the Life Coach on RTÉ television’s “The Health Squad”. As she became more educated about naturopathic tools for healing, she enquired further into the Buteyko Method and was amazed by its practical effectiveness and the body of scientific knowledge behind it. She trained with renowned Buteyko expert and best-selling author, Patrick McKeown – learning from him, assisting him in classes and meeting with his patients. She went on to qualified as an Accredited Buteyko Practitioner, and now teaches clients in her own clinics in Gorey and Enniscorthy.


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