Can Bowen Help Me?

“Every Body is Better with Bowen.”

a quote from Bowtech®, the Original Bowen Technique


Do You Suffer From:

Pain?        Back Pain          Neck Pain         Shoulder Pain        Chronic or Acute Pain

Injuries?         Sports Injuries       Prolapsed Disc          Sciatica

Digestive Difficulties?          Iritable Bowel Syndrome           Diverticulitis           Constipation

Respiratory Problems?          Asthma          Sinus Infections          Chest Infections

Fatigue?          Sleeping Disorders          Fibromyalgia          Chronic Fatigue          Low Energy

Toxicity?          Headaches            Hormonal Imbalance


Then Bowen Can Help You.


How Can You Say Bowen Can Help all That?

Bowen works on the fascia. Fascia is a network of live tissue the envelops every muscle, bone, gland, organ and structure in the body, connecting it all together. Fascia is full of nerve receptors. When Bowen stimulates the fascia, it activates the body’s autonomic nervous system stimulating it to attempt to normalise the structure it surrounds. Bowen is known to increase cellular activity, thus kick-starting the body’s own healing mechanisms. Because fascia is full of nerve receptors, it essentially conducts electrical impulses – impulses which stimulate repair. Because all is connected, the body’s repair work is not limited to the area that has been worked on, but runs holistically through the body. Because Bowen moves are so gentle and non-invasive, it can be used on anybody from newborn babies, to a chronically sick or very frail individual, to a very fit athlete.

Read More about How the Bowen Technique Works.

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