Do You Having Feelings… About War and Ending War?

Do You Having Feelings… About War and Ending War? Wednesday 3rd September, 8-10pm. A Free Event for Free-thinking Individuals. It’s time for our autumn series of free public talks again. This season, we’re focusing on big events in the news or community that instil public emotion, and for which we need access to our clearest thinking if we are to move forward as a community and as a people. The first in our series is on feelings...

Look Great, Feel Great!

6 weeks from Monday 13th January 2014! This is a rare and valuable opportunity to access Life Coaching and Epigenetic Nutritional information to look and feel great this new year! We bring out the best in you to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions! (Voucher for a great Christmas present.) Time to be announced.

Happiness in Motion

Every Wednesday starting on 13th November, 8-8:30am. This is a drop-in morning (free) with inspiration, fun and activities to get your mindset started in the right place. Please invite people to come with their breakfast, their children, whatever you need to come join us for an informative, inspirational, fun start to the day. (This is my favourite event of this series. It is just for fun, for...

Buteyko Breathing for Adults

Free Talk – Tuesday Nov 12th, 6:30pm 4 week class from Tuesday Nov 25th, 6:30pm The Buteyko Breathing talks and classes were a great success last round. Please invite people who would like some excellent information on eliminating asthma, snoring, hay fever, sleep apnoea and much more. This time around classes are on Tuesdays starting from the 25th of November.

Buteyko Breathing for Children

Free Talk – Tuesday Nov 12th, 5pm (parent must attend) 4 week class from Tuesday Nov 25th, 5pm

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