Do You Having Feelings… About Money and the Economy?

Do You Having Feelings… About Money and the Economy?

Wednesday 10th September, 8-10pm.

A Free Event for Free-thinking Individuals.

Hope you will join as at the first event on 3rd Sept. Just to let you know about the second in our autumn series of free public talks. We’re focusing on big issues in the news or community that instil public emotion, and for which we need access to our clearest thinking if we are to move forward as a community and as a people.

Don’t miss the first event taking place on Wed 3rd September. This second in our series is on feelings about Money and the Economy.

The world has suffered a great crash in the financial system in the last 5 years, and this has been felt severely in Ireland. In the news we have heard of families losing their homes, increased rates of children living in poverty, elders in our community suffering the winter without heating. Many people have lost jobs and faced decisions about emigration. Young people wonder what’s available to them in their future.

No one has escaped confused feelings about money – what’s enough, will we all make it, encouraged to want and need more. For many, the topic of the economy instils feelings of discouragement and overwhelm that anything could ever be done to change these unequal systems, and if I want to ‘rise above’, does that make me ‘bad’?

Please join me for this facilitated conversation about listening, connecting, hopefulness, and new ideas:

8-10pm, Wed 10th Sept 2014, 76 Main Street, Gorey (above Wade’s Pharmacy)

I promise it will be an enlightening evening. =)

The full ‘Do you have feelings about…’ series of discussions this autumn is as follows:

  • War and Ending War? 8-10pm, 3rd Sept 2014
  • Money and the Economy? 8-10pm, 10th Sept 2014
  • Our Care of the Environment? 8-10pm, 17th Sept 2014
  • Mental Health? 8-10pm, 24th Sept 2014

(This event is for individuals. No group is being formed and no one is invited representing a group or agenda.)epigenitics_nourish_your_genes_eat_righ_healthy_energise_gorey_wexford

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