Do You Having Feelings… About Our Care of the Environment?

Do You Having Feelings… About Our Care of the Environment?

Wednesday 17th September, 8-10pm.

A Free Event for Free-thinking Individuals.

The third in our autumn series of free public talks. We’re focusing on big issues in the news or community that instil public emotion, and for which we need access to our clearest thinking if we are to move forward as a community and as a people.

Don’t miss the second event taking place on Wed 10th September. This third in our series is on feelings about Our Care of the Environment.

The weather is certainly changing in the world. In Ireland, are seasons are getting more distinct and dramatic. Governments fight over whether climate change is real, and making policy that benefits a few or benefits generations. Most of us know someone who has received a diagnosis of Cancer…

I first got inspired to act around environmental issues 25 years ago. Commuting by bicycling, bringing all my own bags and containers, buying items without packaging and more. I felt so intensely about it, I postponed my formal education for a year to assist with public (and my) environmental education. Statements were issued then that we only had 10years to turn the situation around. Now, 25years later, I am glad that policy and awareness has grown, but you can imagine my feelings about the level of global action.

The most common phrase I have heard in 25years has been, ‘Just me doing it won’t change anything,’ like it’s an excuse not to do anything. So, feelings of insignificance, overwhelm and discouragement are ripe, alongside the small group of people who feel charged to act now!

Please join me for this facilitated conversation about listening, connecting, hopefulness, and new ideas on moving forward:

8-10pm, Wed 17th Sept 2014, 76 Main Street, Gorey (above Wade’s Pharmacy)

I promise it will be an enlightening evening. =)

The full ‘Do you have feelings about…’ series of discussions this autumn is as follows:

  • War and Ending War? 8-10pm, 3rd Sept 2014
  • Money and the Economy? 8-10pm, 10th Sept 2014
  • Our Care of the Environment? 8-10pm, 17th Sept 2014
  • Mental Health? 8-10pm, 24th Sept 2014

(This event is for individuals. No group is being formed and no one is invited representing a group or agenda.)


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