Do you want to be in my Gang? =)

Do you want to be in my Gang? =)

Get ready… I’m forming a Gang!

I’m looking for members.

Will you be in it?

First, let me be clear. This is not for everyone. This is a gang… for me. I am building my community. I am looking for people who will back me in my life; and I want to back you in yours.


Sound good? It’s what most of us are missing in our lives – our personal army, our gang. That group of people who will never get confused by our struggles and limitations, but will keep connected, reaching for what’s true about humanity and each other, insisting that we shine… even through the dark times. This doesn’t come easy. In our current society, we have lost these skills. Skills to really pay attention. Skills to listen from our hearts and believe in each other’s minds. Skills to facilitate that natural process to resolve what’s in our heart and access our highest thinking. (If you’re already hooked, register now at

We all have this capacity within us to lead lives full of self-trust, wisdom and a community behind us. Yet, few of us currently do. The unhurt human mind is naturally hopeful, enthusiastic, loving, connected and brave. The discouraged mind is just one connection away from feeling hopeful again. Let me show you how…

The series of free, open discussions this last month went so well! I was so pleased with the ideas that came out and connections that were made. I was moved to see the depth and quality of connections forming as the weeks went on. Importantly too, with this group I drew out those people in society who match me – people who are brave. People willing to show up and be present on some big, meaningful issues facing humanity… and include the word ‘feelings’ as they listened. People who ‘swim against the tide’.

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Swimming Against the Tide on Your Own? Join me!


To continue the momentum, I am finally offering the class I have been talking about for so long! Some of you will want to clear your calendar and not miss this!

For the first time, I will be sharing with my community insights, skills and information I have learned and developed over the past 21 years, which have changed the course of my life:


‘Accessing Your Clearest Thinking: A System for Living Your Best Life’

Will take place on Wednesday nights in Gorey from 8-10pm. (If you’re not local, don’t worry. Get in touch at and let me know you want to be part of this! I will be announcing details of this class for you to take from anywhere in the world shortly, so stay connected and keep reading!)

Would you like to undo old, limiting patterns?

  • Patterns of not feeling worthy enough to earn a proper wage.
  • Patterns that keep you feeling discouraged and insignificant?
  • Patterns that keep you from coming up with new, hopeful solutions to your problems?
  • Patterns that make you still believe you’re not good enough to attract an easier life… with the support you deserve?
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Do you feel insignificant?


I will teach you the skills I use on a daily basis to develop to hopeful, big vision ideas I have, and to act on them. These skills are not taught in formulated programmes and courses. You will not hear about them anywhere else. They are not like anything you have done before. I have gained these skills through my life – from parent’s non-violence, my study of enlightenment, and my 21 years practising the natural way humans heal emotional blocks. These skills connect us more deeply to ourselves and to others, and bring the humanity back into our thinking and our lives.

I want to teach you these skills so we can back each other and create our Best Lives

If you asked me in my life, what skills have had the greatest impact on me? What skills would I never give up or stop using? It would be these ones. If you read my articles in the Irish Times and found them insightful, you will learn in this course how I came to think such things by using these skills.


So now, do you want to be in my gang? Because if you do, I want you!

Just for fun, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defined ‘gang’ as follows:



: a group of criminals

: a group of young people who do illegal things together and who often fight against other gangs

: a group of people who are friends and who do things together


Which one do you think fits me? If bringing people together to reach for the most hopeful, rational ideas in society and back each other completely as they put them into action for their own, individual lives is ‘criminal’ than that’s us! It certainly might be considered subversive to break the isolation and encourage mindful support in a society that thoughtlessly encourages us to react rather than think, stay numbed out, fight each other for crumbs, and forget that we are truly magnificence.

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If this is for you, Join me!


Register for ‘Accessing Your Clearest Thinking’ at

 I can’t wait to have you in my gang (and for me to be in yours)!

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