Flash Event: A Rare Event to be Inspired and Coached by Me…

Flash Event: A Rare Event to be Inspired and Coached by Me…

I’ve had an inspiration! I’m organising a ‘flash event’ (like a ‘flash mob’ but an event at very short notice). I want to take a moment to really think about you: what your needs and dreams are going into the New Year, and offer you my insight and resource to give you the best hand at this moment.


If you read my weekly column, ‘The Bigger Picture’, in the Irish Times or watched me coach on RTÉ’s The Health Squad – if you ever wished you could have been that person who got that kind of support and assistance – then comment below that you’ll be there at the Ashdown Park Hotel in Gorey (whatever it takes) this Saturday 6th December from 11am-3:30pm.  …You deserve this!


This is a rare and limited opportunity for a very personal experience with me. You see, my ultimate life purpose is to help ‘change the world’ through empowering individuals. Recently, I have had another insight into how I can have a bigger impact on this purpose through my work, and in January, I will be changing the focus of my clinic and it may be a long time before I am available again to offer such personal resource at this level.

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But for right now, there’s nothing I want to do more than to be with you this Saturday, to ‘rock the world’ by inspiring you. Again, it’s really important that you comment below that you will be coming, and I’ll book it!


This will be a creative, fun, inspiring and practical day. Here’s what I have planned.

11am Registration and Meet & Greet

11:15am ‘Every Human is Significant’ – An Inspirational talk based on my acclaimed article or the same title.

12pm ‘Accessing Your Clearest Thinking’ – A Question and Answer session (you bet there’ll be coaching happening here!) on any topic (your choice) that you would like insight, clearer thinking on and a sense of the direction that would empower you most. (Please bring me any question or topic – most helpful if you can get the question to me before Saturday.)

There may be some special guests contributing here before lunch, also…

1pm Lunch

2pm Limited number of one-to-one private coaching sessions with me… just for you! (These will not be organised in advance, but during the morning session of the seminar.)

There is a charge for the day: €50. (Why? Did you know that when participants paid something for an event and then get coached, the coaching went in deeper and had a greater effect than when they came to a free event? This is the lower cost of any of my services in the clinic, so it really is a gift to you. I want you to get the best, and this is the best way. Crazy, but true!)


In our world, very few people get their ‘head above water’. Only a tiny minority get to achieve their ‘big dream’. (I know I certainly will.) Did you know what those people all have in common? They all had a team behind them, supporting their personal goals and dreams, supporting them.



This Saturday, let me be on your team. I want to be backing you; to be the wind beneath your wings. My goal will be to get you moving forward with inspiration, hope and clarity.


I believe empowered people are happier people, and happier people make better decisions. The more people we can get making better decision, the more effectively we can create a more rational society.


I know this is short notice! It’s my ‘flash mob’! I will only hold it if I get enough comments below so let me know you want this and can get there. If you do, you will not be disappointed. I promise, I’ll be there for you!

  1. Tara Madden says:

    Hi Shalini. I would love to be part of this on Saturday.
    looking forward to it

  2. James says:

    Shalini, It will be a honour for me to participate on Saturday …. So count me in. James

  3. Audrey says:

    Hi Shalini, I would love to attend. Audrey

  4. Shalini Sinha says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all there! Also getting good feedback from email and facebook (www.facebook.com/forwardmovement.ie) so looking forward to seeing a nice gang there. Thanks for reading!

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