Instructions After Bowen Treatment

Bowen Keeps Working On You…

During your treatment, your body will begin to increase cellular repair and make shifts to your posture, hormonal balance and organ functioning. This repair and shifting will continue to work on your body for up to 10 days after your treatment, and sometimes longer depending on the type and depth of treatment you have had. It is important to support this as much as possible. Here are some guidelines to receive maximum benefit:


Drink Water

Go for a Gentle Walk

Take a Short Break from Training

Trust Your Body & The Technique



Extreme Hot or Cold

Massage & Other Treatments (while availing of Bowen treatments)



Drink Water

Water helps relieve pain, flush toxins, and assist Bowen to work even better. However much water you normally drink, drink a little more over the next few days.

It is often more useful to sip water than drink a lot at once. (Although there are times when a lot at once is beneficial.) If you have difficulty drinking water, it can be the quality or pH of your water. Try filtered water, or adding some lemon. Some people are also afraid of having to run to the toilet frequently*. Sipping water and Bowen can help this.

*When increasing water, it is important your body’s systems are functioning well. If you have a kidney or heart problem, or other difficulty for which drinking water can cause a problem, please tell your practitioner.


Go for a Gentle Walk

Your body will adjust its posture and relieve tensions through movement. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods. Get up and walk around every half hour or so to give your body a chance to make the changes it needs.


Take a Short Break from Training

Taking a break from training for a couple days and sometimes a couple weeks (depending on the injury) will speed up recovery and pay dividends in the end.


Trust Your Body & The Technique

Bowen works together with your body’s automatic processes, and quite differently to how we have been trained to think about health and repair. Bowen is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ process. Our bodies do not naturally try to hurt themselves while fixing themselves.

Improvements can be subtle. You might have more energy, sleep better, or may find you can do more before hitting the same pain level. If your pain has not gone away, this does not mean no improvement has occurred. The pain might be different, less frequent, less intense, its location may have changed. It is important to recognise subtle and small changes, and not be discouraged about the prospects of getting better.

The greatest periods of adjustment are within the first 4-5 days after your treatment. Occasionally, clients feel a bit more sore, or even flu-like symptoms, the first few days after a treatment as their bodies make necessary adjustments and begin to detoxify and repair. This is all part of the process. If you have any concerns, call your practitioner.

Avoid Extreme Hot or Cold

The Bowen moves have begun a very gentle cascade of stimulations and reactions within your body. Extreme hot or cold, such as a hot water bottle, deep heat, Jacuzzi, steam room or ice pack will disrupt this.


Avoid Massage & Other Treatments (while availing of Bowen treatments)

Bowen moves are very gentle, stimulating the nervous system. Massage – by yourself, a family member or practitioner – will overwhelm and disrupt that subtle work. Similarly, please do not avail of other bodywork treatments while attending for Bowen (including magnets). Avail of other treatments up until a week before you begin treatments with Bowen, and from 2 weeks after your Bowen treatments finish.


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