My Gang? An important question answered…

My Gang? An important question answered…

I hope you enjoyed my article from yesterday! It spurred an important question… which I needed to send out to all of you to be clear:

(Note, this class is following up on the free, open discussions held last month, and so the flavour is the same. I don’t think I communicated that properly for anyone who hadn’t seen or been engaged with those evenings. Here’s the question and the important answer…)


The Question:

“Hi Shalini! Who is behind this and what kind of group is being formed?”


The Answer:

“I’m glad to clarify this. Maybe it was my cheeky title to the article (my sense of humour) that caused the confusion, but there is definitely no group being formed here. On all the posters for the open discussions, there was a line included that was very important to me: ‘For Free Thinking Individuals. No group is being formed here, nor is anyone representing a group encouraged to attend.’


I used the word ‘gang’, cheekily, but evoking the idea of solidarity and committed support in our ‘battles’ (personal). Still, the support is only so far as to back people to access their clearest thinking and figure out their own lives. We each take away what we gain from the class, and put it into action in our own lives, individually, and not interfering with others. By supporting individuals to access their clearest thinking for themselves and create their lives as they imagine them, I contribute to supporting the creation of a more human-based, rational society – one person at a time. I have no agenda for anyone else’s life.


Is that clearer? Thanks for raising this.”


The Value

Also, I need to make a further clarification. While the open discussion evenings were part of a free event, this is a class that will teach life-changing skills and there is a value set for it. The skills and insights I will share I have learned and developed over my life, and have used almost daily for 21years – from the lessons of Gandhian non-violence, to studying the enlightenment philosophies, to learning the skills to clarify thinking through the release of human distress, to practicing as a professional coach for 10 years. The value of this class has been set at a very reasonable €240 for this 10week/20hrs course, and is excellent value. Still I understand not everyone has access to the same level of resources as others, and this is part of the work here – empower people’s lives to grow in all kinds of ways, including the access to resources.


The Best You

Finally, I want you to have a clear expectation about what is part of this process. It is clear that one of the blocks to humans accessing their clearest thinking is a backlog of old emotional distresses. Therefore, part of the path to our clearest thinking also involves resolving some of those distresses. This is where I really want to back you!

girls on a bench, 20098552_m

If you’re still here and this still interests you, I would be delighted to see you tonight.

Register for ‘Accessing Your Clearest Thinking’ by filling in the form below or contacting us at

Here’s to your best life!


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